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  • Take back control of your health and life

    I provide all you need to manage your Chronic or acute health condition in a natural way, I treat a range of, conditions such as digestive disorders, Heart and Circulation related conditions, Anxiety and depression


    Skin complaints such as Eczema and Psoriasis, joint conditions such as Rheumatoid arthritis, women's health such as the Menopause and or Polycystic Ovaries to name a few.


    I work with those who need fertility support and all the way through the pregnancy and beyond childbirth.

    Children respond well to Herbal Medicine.


    Natural healthcare can be applied to most conditions including Diabetes. I provide Herbal Medicine made for your needs in a supplement, tincture, tea and or cream or other forms, after a full clinical consultation and diagnosis. This may include physical examinations but will always include taking your blood pressure.


    I can work with you online or in-person at my clinic in South Manchester (Didsbury Village), Clitheroe and Darwen Lancashire whatever fits around your lifestyle. I will work alongside your current medical care providers.

    The founder is Marie Mulcahy BSC, Western Herbal Medicine, MNIMH.


    I am a Medical Herbalist, Mental Health First aider and trainer,








    Prevention is better than cure

    Keep healthy

    What is Medical Herbalism and what can you expect from a NIMH herbalist


  • Keira a joint pain patient's testemonial

    When I met Marie I’d been suffering from long-term pain in my back, hips and feet for over two years, suspected to be Ankylosing Spondylitis. Despite a strong family history of the condition, and history of auto-immune inflammatory problems.


    MRI scans weren’t showing the results necessary for a diagnosis, and prescribed painkillers were only causing me further problems. Marie’s approach was kind and understanding, while also professional and comprehensive.


    I started seeing the benefit of my prescription after the first few weeks, and once I was onto my second prescribed tincture, my symptoms improved enormously.


    Ongoing herbal treatment and the supplements Marie recommended have not only reduced my inflammation and pain allowing me to be more active and manage my condition, but also helped to improve my digestion, allergies and skin.


    I’m so grateful to Marie, I feel as though I’m now in control of my health again instead of my conditions controlling me.

    Helen a patient with Chronic fatigue testemonial

    Marie carefully listened to my symptoms and went through an extensive past history of issues related to both mind and body. She made suggestions we could look further into together and medically, whilst providing relevant supplements and tinctures for me to take.


    She was empathetic and genuinely put her heart into helping me with the tiredness I suffered with terribly. At the start I was struggling to function on a daily basis and now the improvements have become apparent, I am coping much better with the demands of everyday life.


    Marie provided support when I had any questions or issues and really helped me to overcome the level of fatigue that was making me so unhappy. She used her experience to consider several theories and we worked towards addressing the areas together.


    I felt a sense of relief when I met Marie, as previously I’d been to my doctor for help and basically found no solution. I had also been to other health professionals including a herbalist. I would definitely recommend Marie to friends and family as I have received the care and attention I sought and feel so much better than I felt before.

    Elaine Testimonial for Reclaim your sleep e-book

    “Marie’s e-book on sleep was a godsend for me. I’ve never been a great sleeper but didn’t really know what to do about it. It’s one of those things you don’t want to hassle your doctor with but it impacts your whole life.


    The meditation was really useful helping you relax.

    The advice on steps to take and how to think about and approach sleep were things I hadn’t thought about.


    Marie really understands sleeping and helps you through this book to change your thoughts about sleep.


    If lack of sleep is something that bothers you, don’t continue to live with it. Do something about it today, it’s amazing the difference a fabulous nights sleep makes to you. I should know, I got some great sleep last night.

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