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Are you suffering with menopause symptoms beyond. Hot flushes and night sweats?


Don't suffer in silence

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Due to the decline of estrogen at menopause and the strain put on the body by making use of other key hormones to compensate for the loss; you may find yourself experiencing muscle and bone aches.

Loss of libido, foggy thinking and fatigue.

With the concerns about the risk of female cancers due to HRT use, many GP’s will avoid providing menopause support and so many women are not having their symptoms addressed.


I advocate a natural way to treat the menopause is best but I don't rule out HRT, if that is your choice and if you ensure you research all the risks and consult your GP or gynecologist.

Writing in 2014 in your life choices, Andrea Hendrikx, stated

“According to a study by a Yale School of Medicine researcher and colleagues published in the online journal Menopause, the team found that a high percentage of VMS were not treated in most women. This in turn has seen a frequent but avoidable consequence: women suffering from these side effects of menopause not seeking

treatment and dropping out of the workforce while many of them are still at the height of their careers.

While it is concerning that there are significant costs involved with work lost, there are alternative treatments available to women

suffering the effects of VMS, ( vasomotor symptoms) but due to their reticence in mentioning their issues they continue to suffer in silence”. Philip Sarrel, M.D., Emeritus Professor in the Departments of Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Reproductive Sciences, and Psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine says, “Women are not mentioning it to their healthcare providers, and providers aren’t bringing it up.

The symptoms can be easily treated in a variety of ways, with low-dose hormone patches, non-hormonal medications, and simple environmental adjustments such as cooling the workplace.”

I treat many women going through the menopause and each patient is different in how they present. Common themes alongside the night sweats and hot flushes are the emotional effects; the change in status no longer able to bear children, has a profound effect on many women and a loss of femininity can be triggered by the unforgiving symptoms.

In my practice, I address all the physical and emotional aspects of the peri-menopause and menopause to ensure you transition to the next phase of your life with dignity and reduced stress.

To book a consultation online or in person please cut and paste this link into your browser.


I also have subscription boxes of one months supplies of key herbal medicine and nutritional supplements for the menopause that serve as an introduction to how herbal medicine may support you.

Please do not ignore your symptoms and put up with “the change” there are so many ways to manage this phase of your life you just need to find the approach that works for you and, yes herbal may not be the way for you, but isn’t it worth a try?

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