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Is St johns wort the magic bullet for anxiety and depression?


St johns wort is one of the most searched for herbs on google. But is it the best solution for everyone with anxiety and depression ? Simple answer is no. St Johns wort should never be taken with prescribed Anxiety or depression drugs.And you should never come off prescribed Anxiety or Depression medication without Medical supervision be it your GP or a Medical Herbalist.

You need to know the quality of the St Johns wort herb that you are buying. No one herb solves all your health challenges. There are many herbs that can be prescribed for Anxiety and Depression but you need to have a full Holistic and Medical consultation to ensure you are getting what is best for your needs.

I appreciate Anxiety and Depression can be challenging to talk about or ask for help for but you need to think about your own self care and do not rush to look for a perceived magic bullet to get a quick fix it may cause you long term damage.

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