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how to help somone close to you with herbal medicine at a time of serious illness

herbal medicine as part of chronic illness support

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When people are in a serious health crisis that is often the first time that they will consider herbal medicine or more often than not, a family member with carry out extensive research on what they think should buy over the internet.

Stop, stand back, breathe and reach out to a local Medical herbalist who has the knowledge and training, to provide a support strategy that will complement the existing medical care plan.

.They can talk to all the Medical professionals involved and provide the evidenced based research them may need. They can provide this to you also. They will be bound by their professional bodies guidelines and will provide ethical and thought out advice. And of course the will have professional indemnity insurance.

Can a browse on the internet offer any of the above?

And what about you? who is supporting you through this time of crisis? Your Medical Herbalist can provide you with a strategy to keep you well and coping at a time of intense stress.

Ensure you build in some self-care to your daily routing carve out time for your hobbies. take an aromatherapy bath at the of the day.

f you don't meditate take it up. You can just sit quietly for a few mins when you are waiting in a hospital car park. Make sure you are eating nourishing meals. Invest in a local meal prep service it will ease the burden when you don't feel like shopping.

And when your loved one is home, sign them up to a quality service eating back to health is essential for a speedy recovery. Your Medical Herbalist will be able to make recommendations for this and all aspects of a strong convalesce strategy.

Convalesce is often over looked in our busy society. One of the lessons of COVID is the amount of time needed to recover once you overcome the infection.

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