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HOw can i boost my immune system?

Herbal medicine insight into immunity support

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To start I thought it is important to understand Immunity. Here is a brief explanation.

Overview of Immunodeficiency Disorders

By James Fernandez , MD, PhD, Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University

Last full review/revision Dec 2019| Content last modified Dec 2019

“Immunodeficiency disorders are associated with or predispose patients to various complications, including infections, autoimmune disorders, and lymphomas and other cancers. Primary immunodeficiencies are genetically determined and can be hereditary; secondary immunodeficiencies are acquired and much more common”.

As herbalists we can support in the area of immunodeficiency based conditions and we do. Referring to David Hoffman FNIMH, AHG (Medical herbalist) he recommends Christopher Hobbs approach which he calls a Phytotherapeutic approach to the immune system.

We work in three ways:

  1. Deep immune activation

  2. Surface immune activation

  3. Adaptogenic action or hormonal modulation.

This approach would be followed by a Medical herbalist treating a patient with a chronic Immune compromised condition.

For someone who just wants to stay well during the cold, flu and time of COVID. What can they do?

They need to boost their fruit and veg content. Up to ten fruit and veg a day. Blend them into soups, eat some as snacks during the day with a nut butter. Steam veg it cooking at home. Take a salad with you if lunching outside the house.

  1. Get a good night's sleep.

  2. Keep a check on your weight.

  3. Obesity weakens your immune response.

  4. Take regular gentle exercise.

  5. Vitamin D supplementation is vital.

  6. Supplement with good quality antioxidants.

  7. Mushrooms are super foods. Seek out Reshi and Shiitake.

  8. And of course find a herbalist that can work with you on boosting your immunity or managing chronic immunity compromised conditions

Cloves of garlic, garlic key herb in immunity support
Myrrh sitting in a dish Myrrh is used for immune suppressed conditions in herbal medicine
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