Mental Wellness 10 tips
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Aim for Mental Wellness useful tips from a Mental Health First aider

Marie Mulcahy BSC Western Herbal Medicine

· Wellbeing,Mental health
  1. Live in the present however challenging this can be, live in the moment, not in the future of what might be.
  2. Nurture something that gives unconditionally, Plant, Pet, Garden.
  3. Choose your inner circle carefully. Only include people that lift you
  4. Take up a hobby.
  5. Listen to your intuition daily.
  6. Eat a good breakfast: protein, grains, Oats, Cheese,  Fish.
  7. Keep hydrated at least a pint of water a day.
  8. Supplement with B Vits.
  9. Herbs to keep you balanced include Skullcap and Withania seek out a Medical Herbalist to discuss your mental wellbeing with.
  10. Turn off all your IT and TV etc at least an hour before bed. Sleep in a dark room at a comfortable temperature.
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