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20% off all Weleda Medicines


Weleda – Daring to Care – Daring to make a difference

I just wanted to let you know that Weleda is still OPEN as usual, as we have been classed by the Government as an essential supplier of Medicine’s and Care products.

As an Advisor, I can also still offer you a service at this time, as my role is classed as essential too, to help advise and support you and your families on Health and Wellbeing.

We can do this by telephone or via remote 1:1 consultations. Please do message me if you need help or support… I am here for you!

AND because Weleda cares so much, until further notice, we are offering 20% off all medicine’s and we have reduced the FREE POSTAGE LIMIT to just £30.00, so that we can deliver key essential items directly to your home.

So what are some of the key essential items at this time?

Well here are my top 20 :

Aknedoron Purifying Lotion

Almond facial Oil

Calendula Soap

Calendula Body Wash and Shampoo

Weleda Body Washes

Pine Reviving Bath Soak

Lavender Bath Soak

Arnica Muscle Soak

Ratanhia Mouth Wash

Stress Relief Spray

Cold Relief Spray

Rhinodoron Nasal Spray

Avena Sativa Drops

Sea Buckthorn Elixir

Prunus Elixir

Prunus 6 x

Herb and Honey Cough Elixir

Digestive Calming Drops

Skin Food

Hand Cream – Citrus; Pomegranate; Sea Buckthorn

Weleda – open as usual

Deliveries – 5-7 days directly to your home with FREE postage for any orders over £30.00

We offer – KEY ESSENTIAL Medicines and Care Products

I offer – essential advice and support to you and your families

My number: 07727119629


My Web Shop details:https;//

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